Karen Lograsso

Therapy with Karen As a registered psychologist with extensive experience in mental health, I am dedicated to helping my clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. I have worked with individuals with a wide range of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and more. My approach to therapy is collaborative … Read more

Richard Otoba

Therapy with Richard My clients can expect a supportive and professional environment aimed at promoting their well-being and personal growth. My therapeutic style is based on a safe and non-judgmental space that allows clients to open up and explore their thoughts and feelings freely based on collaboratively establishing clear and achievable goals for therapy which … Read more

Sian Donaldson

Therapy with Sian I am passionate about supporting people to build a confident and trusting relationship with themselves by developing deeper connections to their mind, body, and spirit. It takes courage to look inward and approach yourself with compassion and acceptance, but this is where the healing journey begins and ends, with a deeper understanding … Read more

Kim Bullock

Kim is an educator who has been teaching children with high intellectual potential for the past 8 years. Kim’s work includes both classroom teaching and the weekend enrichment program, MindQuest in Sydney, for gifted and talented children where she teaches Egyptology. Through MindQuest, Kim came to realise that in addition to enriching the learning of … Read more

Dr Thomas Janovsky

Therapy with Thomas I believe psychologists are your teammates who can assist you in overcoming challenges by providing insight and options based on what we know from scientific research. My approach to therapy is a collaborative one where we work together as a team to develop a theory of what is going on and then … Read more

Sharon Read

Sharon is a Registered Psychologist who first started working at the READ Clinic in 2005. Sharon works in-clinic providing face-to-face sessions on Monday, Thursday & Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Sharon completed a Bachelor of Education at James Cook University, Townsville. Sharon returned to study Psychology at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, completing a Diploma and … Read more

Shane Southwood

Therapy with Shane In my practice, I emphasise the connection between the mind and body, and I strive to provide a flexible and practical therapeutic approach. As a therapist, I focus on building strong connections with clients, understanding their unique experiences, and collaborating with them to overcome social, emotional, and behavioural challenges. In order to … Read more

Samuel Hunter

Samuel graduated from the Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours, first class) in 2015. He worked within the community mental health setting for 12 months before completing his Masters of Clinical Psychology in 2017. He began his Clinical Psychology Registrar program in 2018, which was completed in early 2020. Samuel believes the relationship … Read more

Nicole Sturla

Therapy with Nicole I am passionate about supporting children, young people and their families process and overcome their experiences of trauma. Nicole uses a multi modal approach to treatment including EMDR, Internal Family Systems Therapy and parts work. Nicole also has a strong base in CBT, mindfulness and body regulation skills techniques. Nicole’s Qualifications & … Read more

Nereda Murray

Therapy with Nereda I work collaboratively with clients to support their personal growth, self-awareness, adaptive function and reduced distress. I work with children, adolescents and adults seeking support for exposure to trauma, suicidal ideation, affective and mood disorders, anxiety-related disorders, and behavioural and family system challenges. My client-centred approach puts emphasis on developing a strong … Read more

Narissa Fry

Narissa is a Registered Psychologist. Narissa commenced working at The READ Clinic in 2020 as a Provisional Psychologist in her final year after completing her Master of Professional Psychology at the University of Newcastle. Narissa has training experience and a background in emotional and behavioural regulation, toileting issues, and social skills and play development in … Read more

Nada Potter

Nada is a Registered Psychologist who first started working at the READ Clinic in 2010. Nada completed her Bachelor of Art (Psychology) at the University of Newcastle in 2005. Nada has over 12 years’ experience working with children and their families. With a strong background in childhood education with formal qualifications in Early Childhood education, … Read more

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