The READ Clinic psychologists and practitioners offer telehealth (phone or video) sessions as an alternative to face-to-face sessions. This means that you can access high quality, evidence-based therapy wherever you are located in Australia.

How does Telehealth Work?

Telehealth sessions with your psychologist may be conducted by video, or by phone.

For telehealth video sessions, practitioners at The READ Clinic use Coviu which is a platform specifically developed for psychologists and health professionals to use for telehealth sessions. You do not need to download any software or apps in order to use Coviu, and you can access it from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

How to join a Coviu telehealth session

  1. Click on the link that has been emailed to you just before your appointment
  2. If it’s your first time using Coviu – after you click on the link, it will then ask you for permission for Coviu to access your microphone and camera. Please click ‘Allow’ as it will then let your Psychologist see you and hear you. If you have concern about using the camera, discuss this with your Psychologist.
  3. You will then be taken to a new screen that is your Psychologist’s Waiting Room, and it will ask you if you would like to Join as a guest, please click on this request.
  4. Coviu will then ask you to take a photo of yourself (so it can be your icon so that your Psychologist can see when you ‘knock’ on their virtual room), and to enter your name. If you are not comfortable taking a photo of yourself then take a photo of a wall or anything non personal and the photo is deleted after the session. (NB. This information will NOT be stored in Coviu or reused anywhere else). If you DO NOT want to enter any personal details about yourself, that’s ok – feel free to enter a pseudonym and take a photo of anything around you. Your Psychologist will know it is you. Then click ‘Continue’.
  5. You will then take you to the Psychologist’s virtual ‘waiting room’ . You will then be placed on hold until your Psychologist connects to you by a secure line.

Telehealth Top Tips

Your telehealth experience will be best if you:

Frequently Asked Questions about Telehealth

Yes, for most people, telehealth is as effective as face-to-face psychology sessions.


Yes, it is possible to attend a mix of telehealth and face-to-face sessions with your practitioner.

Yes, if you were scheduled to attend an in-person session at the clinic but you are unable to attend for any reason, you can change your session to a telehealth appointment any time prior to the appointment.

Yes, telehealth sessions cost the same as in-person sessions as the cost is based on the practitioner, not on the way in which the session is delivered.

Video telehealth sessions are best done on a laptop or tablet, although it is possible to do them on a smartphone. Phone telehealth sessions can be done on a mobile phone or landline.

For video sessions you will need a webcam and microphone on your device – these are usually built-in to laptops and tablets.

Yes you can, however the Medicare rebate would not be applicable.

Telehealth sessions are available 6 days per week.

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