Employee Assistance Programs

An Employee Assistance Program can help employees deal with any personal, family or work-related concerns that may be impacting their mental health, confidence, safety, or ability to their job.

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling service offered by employers to support the social and psychological well-being of employees in the workplace and their personal lives.

Under the EAP, employees are provided with access to a number of free individual therapy sessions per calendar year with a psychologist or mental health professional.

READ Clinic is now accepting employers who wish to use READ Clinic as their EAP provider.

What types of issues can be supported via the EAP?

The EAP is intended to offer initial short-term support and assistance for personal and/or work-related issues that may impact employees’ wellbeing, work performance, safety, individual and workplace morale, and psychological health. Such issues include:

Work-related issues
Personal issues


Interactions between the employee and their psychologist are confidential, and employers are not provided with the names of employees who use the EAP service (unless referral via HR/line manager is required). Employers are also provided with anonymised invoices to protect the identity of the employee.

If required, employers can also be provided with high level data regarding utilisation and statistical reports to ensure that they are providing the best possible working environment for their employees. It is confidential and names are not provided.

What if an employee needs more support?

The EAP is a short-term treatment option. If the employee requires continuing treatment then their psychologist will discuss funding options with them including Medicare rebated sessions.

How does the EAP work?

Setting up and managing your EAP with the READ Clinic is straightforward.

We just need to know:

  • How many sessions per year will be available to employees?
    • Most employers choose to allow up to 3 or 4 sessions per employee per calendar year
    • Employers may also elect to allow employees to apply for additional sessions if they require them.
  • Can the employee choose to use their sessions for immediate family (partner/child)?
    • Most employers elect to allow immediate family to access the service
  • Can employees self-refer, or do they need to be referred to the READ Clinic by HR or their line manager?
    • Most employers allow employees to self-refer for confidentiality purposes

Once the EAP agreement is in place between an employer and the READ Clinic, we will provide you with a tailored brochure which you can distribute to staff (email or hard copy) which contains all the information they need to know about the EAP, including how to book appointments.

Invoices are sent to the employer at the time of the appointment and are payable within 7 days. In the event of an employee cancelling an appointment within 48 business hours of the appointment time, late cancellation fees apply, and the cancelled appointment will count towards the employee’s total number of appointments.

READ Clinic’s Client Care Team keep track of sessions used by employees to ensure they do not exceed the maximum number allowed per calendar year.

Psychologists are allocated to employees based on suitability and availability, and the employee will continue to see the same psychologist unless they request to change to another psychologist. Please note not all psychologists at the READ Clinic accept EAP clients.

Why choose the READ Clinic as your EAP provider?

Enquire about setting up your EAP with the READ Clinic

Please contact READ Clinic’s Business Manager, Kirsten Deverson kirsten@thereadclinic.com 

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