WorkCover Psychology Services

If you have experienced a physical or psychological injury during the course of your work you may be able to access psychology services through WorkCover.

Several practitioners at The READ Clinic are approved to provide psychology sessions under WorkCover. Together with being experienced in providing support to people who have sustained an injury at work, they are also experienced in the administrative aspects of WorkCover.

Common issues faced by people accessing WorkCover psychology sessions include:

  • Trauma from work-related accidents or events
  • Chronic pain from work-related injuries
  • Work-related burnout, anxiety or depression
  • Work-place bullying

How you can access WorkCover Psychology Sessions

In order to attend the sessions with a practitioner at the READ Clinic under WorkCover you will need to provide:

  • A GP referral
  • Date/s of the incident/s
  • Name & contact details of your WorkCover case manager
  • Name of Workplace Insurer & Claim number

In your initial consultation with your practitioner they will review with you the issues that you are facing, and what your therapy goals are. Your practitioner will then put together a treatment plan which they will provide to the insurer for approval. Once your treatment plan is approved you will be able to attend further sessions with your therapist at no cost to yourself (practitioner fees are paid by your employer’s insurance company).


Practitioners providing WorkCover Psychology Sessions

To make your first appointment, please call us on 4363 6600.

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