Frequently Asked Questions

We know starting therapy can seem daunting, and you are likely to have many questions. Our FAQ includes the answers to the most common questions.

General Questions

No you do not need a referral to book a psychology appointment, however if you wish to utilise the Medicare rebate then you will need to speak to your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist first and get a Mental Health Care Plan.

Waiting times vary from practitioner to practitioner. When you make your first appointment, the admin team will advise you of the waiting time (if any) for the therapist that most suits your needs. We recommend that you book several follow-up appointments when making your initial appointment so that there is consistency.

Sessions are of 50 minute duration, except for:

  • Trauma-specific Therapy (90-100 minutes)
  • Couples Therapy (90 minutes)
  • Assessments (times vary, individual plan provided)

To make your first appointment, please call us on (02) 4363 6600 and speak to our admin team who will be able to pair you up with the most appropriate practitioner.

Follow-up appointments can be booked online via our website.

Upon intake, we will generally book your initial appointment and fortnightly follow-up appointments. At your first appointment, your therapist will discuss with you how often they recommend you attend, and the frequency of appointments may change during your therapy journey.

Everyone’s journey through therapy is different, so the number of sessions that your therapist will suggest will depend on your individual situation. If you have any concerns, please discuss them with your therapist.

To change or cancel an appointment you can click on the link in your appointment confirmation SMS or email and change it online. Alternatively please call us on (02) 4363 6600, or email

Note changes and cancellations less than 48 hours business hours before your appointment are subject to our cancellation policy, and are not able to be changed or cancelled via your online appointment link.

As registered health professionals, our practitioners are regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA). AHPRA has put in place strict advertising guidelines which include a prohibition on using “testimonials or purported testimonials about the service or business”.

Yes. Our practice management software, Halaxy, is a healthcare industry leader in data and privacy protection. For more information about how Halaxy keeps your personal information safe, visit their website:

Costs & Payment

Appointment costs vary according to the service you are seeking and the  practitioner you see. For more information see our Fees & Rebates page.

Yes, we have a cancellation policy in place. If you cancel your appointment  between 24 and 48 business hours before your appointment, a fee of $150 is charged. If you cancel within 24 business hours of your appointment, or fail to attend your appointment, then the full fee is charged as a cancellation fee.

We accept payment by Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card only. Your card details are securely stored on our practice management system, and appointment fees are automatically charged at the time of your appointment.

Medicare rebates (where applicable) are automatically processed overnight.

When your card details are entered into our practice management system (Halaxy), they are stored and tokenised by Halaxy‘s payments gateway (Braintree Paypal). This means that once initially entered and captured, card details are not visible to anybody at The READ Clinic or at Halaxy and cannot be retrieved by The READ Clinic or Halaxy.

If card details need to be altered or updated, this requires the card to be completely re-entered, as a tokenised card is unable to be edited.

No, we do not bulk bill.

If you are seeing your psychologist under a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, then you will be entitled to claim a Medicare rebate for up to 20 sessions per year.

Where applicable, Medicare rebates are automatically processed.

For more information, see our Fees & Rebates page.

Yes. Currently Medicare offers $89.65 for General Psychologists, $131.65 for Clinical Psychologists and $56.00 for Credentialed Mental Health Nurses.

Medicare rebates do not apply to appointments with Provisional Psychologists and Couples Therapists.

Depending on your unique situation, you may be eligible for a higher rebate when you reach the Extended Medicare Safety Net threshold. That is, once you have paid approximately $2250 in out-of-pocket (OOP) expenses on eligible Medicare services in the calendar year, you will receive the standard rebate, plus 80% of your OOP expense. I.e., against your Psychology session, you will receive $131.65 or $89.64 or $56.00 (whichever is applicable to you), PLUS 80% of the difference between the full fee and the standard rebate. As an example, for a session with a Senior Clinical psychologist, the higher rebate can be around $226.

Below are some links to publicly available online resources that explain the Safety Net thresholds in greater detail. Everyone’s situation is unique, therefore if you require further information, we recommend you contact Medicare directly to inquire about your individual or family Safety Net to see when you might be approaching the threshold and eligible for a higher rebate.

Services Australia – What are Medicare Safety Net Thresholds

Services Australia – Original Medicare Safety Net

Private health insurance may cover you for psychology sessions. Please check with your insurance company.

Yes. If you do not want to claim from Medicare or your private health fund, you can choose to pay for the sessions without a rebate.

Several practitioners at The READ Clinic accept NDIS clients (plan-managed or self-managed). Please note we no longer accept agency-managed clients.

For more information about NDIS psychology services, click here.

There are practitioners at The READ Clinic who accept WorkCover clients

For more information about WorkCover psychology services, click here.

About Psychology

Psychologists assist people with everyday concerns such as stress and relationship difficulties, as well as mental health issues. Psychologists use “talk therapies” to help people to develop skills to cope with difficulties and to prevent on-going issues.

Psychiatrists have completed a medical degree and further training and study related to the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Psychiatrists specialise in the medical treatment of mental illness and can prescribe medication. Some psychiatrists combine medication with therapy.

In order to become a registered psychologist in Australia, a six year sequence of education and training is required. This is usually an undergraduate degree, honours degree and/or a masters degree, plus 1 to 2 years of supervised practice as a Provisional Psychologist.

Provisional psychologists at The READ Clinic have studied for 4 or 5 years at university before joining us for an additional 1 or 2 years of internship to develop their professional practice under regular supervision from senior psychologists.

The simple answer is yes. Telehealth has been proven to be an effective way to deliver psychology services. Many clients use a combination of telehealth and in-person sessions, while others prefer to attend only via telehealth.

Click here for more information about telehealth psychology sessions at The READ Clinic

Each of the 25+ practitioners at The READ Clinic is trained in a variety of treatment methods (also known as modalities). You can find out more about the different types of therapies here.

Your therapist will discuss the different types of therapies with you and will choose the most appropriate therapy or therapies based on your individual circumstances.

Yes. Therapy is a safe, secure and private interaction between you and your trained therapist. 

What you discuss with your therapist is kept strictly confidential. The only exception to this is if your therapist has serious concerns about your safety or the safety of others, in which case your therapist will discuss their concerns with you first.


Counsellors and Psychotherapists vary in their education, training and therapeutic approaches. The titles “counsellor” and “Psychotherapist” are not regulated in Australia.

Book your first appointment with a psychologist

To make your first appointment, please call us on 4363 6600.

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