Psychological Assessments are standardised measures of psychological functioning, often used for making diagnoses. READ Clinic practitioners offer assessments for children, adolescents and adults.

ADHD Assessments for Children & Adolescents

If your child or adolescent has ADHD symptoms which are causing problems at home or school, early intervention can help. Gold-standard, evidence-based testing is individually tailored to your specific needs.

ADHD Assessments for Adults

ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that affects about 4-5% of adults. Practitioners at the READ Clinic offer adult ADHD assessments on the Central Coast with short waitlists.

Educational Assessments

Understanding your child’s intellectual functioning and learning needs can help you work towards removing any barriers that may be preventing them from achieving their educational potential.

Neuropsychology Assessments for Adults

Dr Heidi Zeeman, a Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist, is available at the READ Clinic to provide a range of neuropsychology assessments.

Autism Assessments for Adults

Austistic Spectrum Disorder assessments available for adolescents (16+) and adults, including a comprehensive report.

Autism Assessments for Children & Adolescents


To enquire about assessments, please complete our Assessments Enquiry Form or call us on (02) 4363 6600.

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