Brendan Tisdell

Registered Psychologist (Clinical Registrar)

Have courage, and be kind.

Therapy with Brendan

I believe that therapy is about empowering individuals and families to be authentically and passionately themselves. When working with me, you can expect an empathetic therapist that listens and works with you to understand your challenges, and that works collaboratively to find pathways to growth, healing, and empowerment.

Respect, curiosity, and a natural drive to celebrate individuality and diversity lie at the heart of my work. When working with me, you can expect a practitioner that values use of evidence-based best practices in psychology whilst also remaining grounded in understanding your unique strengths, differences, and circumstances.

I have a profound appreciation for knowledge and the scientific method in clinical practice, and remain committed to my professional growth and learning. When working with me you can expect a psychologist that strives to understand and communicate what the research says about ‘what’ works, ‘how’ it works, and ‘why’ it works.

Brendan’s Qualifications & Experience

Brendan is a Registered Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar with several years experience in psychological practice. He completed the Master of Clinical Psychology Program at Macquarie University in 2022 and has formal training in cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, and psychological assessment. Brendan is experienced in facilitating interventions and providing support to clients with a diverse range of needs, including designing and implementing interventions for clients utilising NDIS funding, and applying Cognitive Behavioural strategies to assist clients with anxiety and mood disorders.

Brendan has worked at the READ Clinic since 2021, and has experience in working with children, teenagers, and adults in private practice and public health settings. Prior to working at the READ Clinic, Brendan completed psychology placements with the OSCA team at Royal North Shore Hospital and at Macquarie University’s Psychology Clinic. Before studying postgraduate psychology, Brendan worked as a disability support worker, providing support in designing behavioural and environmental interventions for clients with a diverse range of mental and physical needs.

Brendan is a competent scientist-practitioner with research interests in clinical practice, identity, diversity, and interpersonal relationships. He has a passion for science communication and has taught into undergraduate psychology courses at Macquarie University. His masters research project explored how psychologists respond to and provide support to clients engaged in non-traditional romantic relationships.

Registered practitioners at The READ Clinic are independent practitioners who engage The READ Clinic to provide administrative support. All decisions regarding client treatment and care are the responsibility of the individual practitioners.
Client Group
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours Class I). Master of Clinical Psychology.
75 950 604 973
Adjustment Disorders
Behaviour Management
Childhood Trauma
Developmental Problems
Gender Identity
Learning Difficulties
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder OCD
Panic Attacks
Self Harm
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Dysfunction
Sleep Disorders
Stress Management
Study Problems
Suicidal Feelings
Trauma & PTSD
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