NDIS Psychology Services

The READ Clinic offers NDIS-funded psychological counselling and therapy for adults, adolescents and children. We accept plan-managed and self-managed NDIS clients.

The READ Clinic has several practitioners who offer therapeutic support for NDIS participants. NDIS psychology services can help you manage depression and anxiety, increase confidence, increase social connectedness and improve relationships, manage emotions and anger, and develop goals and interests to increase your motivation.

Please note there are no practitioners at The READ Clinic who offer behaviour support plans.

How you can access NDIS Psychology Sessions

Practitioners at The READ Clinic who provide NDIS psychology services may accept clients who are ‘plan-managed’ or ‘self-managed’. Some practitioners will only accept ‘self-managed’ clients. Unfortunately there are no practitioners at the Clinic who accept new ‘agency-managed’ clients.

Please note that it is possible for your NDIS funding to be split between plan-managed, agency-managed and self-managed – for example your psychology component could be self-managed while your OT component could be agency-managed. For more information please speak with your agency manager or plan manager.

NDIS psychology services  provided at the READ Clinic include counselling for adults and children, review letters for NDIS plan renewals, cognitive and functional assessments as well as diagnostic assessments. NDIS psychologists at The READ Clinic also attend case meetings and school observations when required.

Your practitioner will work collaboratively with your support team (such as your GP, specialists, support workers and family) to ensure you’re getting consistent care, and to help increase your wellbeing, independence, skills, and confidence.

Plan-Managed Clients

As an NDIS Plan-Managed participant:

  • Your Plan Manager will be responsible for paying for services provided by your READ Clinic Practitioner, so you won’t have to worry about paying them yourself.
  • You are able to use service providers who are not registered with the NDIS, which gives you greater choice and control.
  • There is no extra cost – the Plan Management service fee is completely covered by your NDIS plan under the “Improved Life Choices” budget and is added on top of your already allocated funding. Improved Life Choices funding covers both the set up and monthly fees for plan management.

If you are currently Agency-Managed and would like to change to being Plan-Managed, all you have to do is ask for plan management to be included in your plan. This can be done during the planning process or you can ask for a review to have Improved Life Choices included into your plan.

For more information about plan-management, visit the NDIS website.

Self-Managed Clients

As an NDIS Self-Managed participant:

  • You, or your plan nominee, chooses to be responsible for controlling your own support budget.
  • You or your plan nominee are responsible for arranging, managing and paying for the supports that best meet your needs.
  • You have the flexibility to choose the provider of your choice, including providers not registered with the NDIS.
  • You have the option to Self-manage all or only part of your funding supports.

If you are currently Plan-Managed or Agency-Managed and are interested in Self-management, talk to your Local Area Coordinator or Planner about your options.

For more information about self-management, visit the NDIS Website.

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