Autism Assessments for Children

ADOS autism assessments for children aged 6 to 14 are now available at the READ Clinic Erina.

Autism in Children

If you think your child may be showing characteristics of autism, an assessment by a psychologist trained in autism assessment can help you 

What does the assessment involve?

Autism assessments for children at the READ Clinic are conducted using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), an evidence-based, gold standard assessment for children. The ADOS assessment is completed through the observation of social skills through play, gathering information from parents and guardians and the completion of other standardised assessments to gather a comprehensive picture of the child. It assesses a child’s communication, play, engagement with others and repetitive and restrictive behaviours. 

Your assessing psychologist will:

  • gather information about your child’s medical and health history;
  • ask you about your child’s development over their lifetime; this may cover a wide range of developmental areas;
  • ask you about autism-specific behaviours including behaviours relating to social communication and interaction and restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour.
  • ask you whether your child has a co-occurring condition and/or differential diagnosis.

Testing is non-invasive and includes games, puzzles and activities to measure and observe your child’s development.

For information about autism assessments for adults, please click here.

The Assessment Process

When you call to enquire about an autism assessment for your child, our friendly Client Care Team will make an initial appointment for you with one of the psychologists at the READ Clinic who is experienced in autism assessments for children.

Pre-Assessment Session

During your pre-assessment session the psychologist will start to assess your child, and will also discuss your needs and recommend what testing and assessments will be best.

Screeners / Questionnaires

Following the pre-assessment session, your psychologist will send screeners (questionnaires) which form an important part of the overall assessment. These screeners will be sent to you, your child’s school/day care and other relevant people. The screeners help the psychologist to get an overall view of the impact that your child’s autism symptoms are having on their life at home and at school.

Assessment Sessions

Your child will usually be booked in for one or more blocks of assessment testing.

During the autism assessment, your psychologist will also screen for a range of psychiatric disorders and neurodivergence, not just for autism. Please inform the psychologist if you are concerned about your child having additional psychiatric disorders. The psychologist may need to do further testing in these situations.

Assessment Report

Your psychologist provide you with a comprehensive report which will include a diagnosis. This report can be used for NDIS funding purposes if your child is assessed to be Level 2 or higher.

Report Feedback Session

The final phase of the assessment is a 50-minute report feedback session with the assessing psychologist. During this session the psychologist will provide the written report, read through it and discuss the results and recommendations with you.

Please note completing an autism assessment does not guarantee an autism diagnosis.

Booking an Assessment

To enquire about booking an assessment, please complete our assessments enquiry form and one of our friendly Client Care Team will give you a call. Alternatively you are welcome to call us on (02) 4363 6600 for more information about assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Costs vary depending on the level of testing required. Following your pre-assessment session you will be provided with a full breakdown of the testing, report and feedback costs.

Indicatively, autism assessments for children usually cost from $2,400.

Due to the demand for assessments, we operate a waiting list system. Should an opportunity come up to move your assessment to an earlier date, we will contact you.

Please call us on 4363 6600 to enquire about current expected waiting times.

Central Coast Child Autism Assessments Team

To enquire about autism assessments for children, please call us on 4363 6600.

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