Educational Support

Children with abilities above or below the norm require special educational support to get the most out of their school journey. An educational support consultant can help guide you through the options for your child.

Beyond Diagnosis - Educational Options and Support for your Neurodiverse Child

Our education system is not set up to successfully support students whose abilities sit at either extremes of the bell curve. When a child’s needs are not being met at school they can become bored, unstimulated, unfulfilled and frustrated, and your child may be showing signs of anxiety and behavioural issues.

If your child’s neurodiversity lies outside the ‘norm’, there are challenges in negotiating the education system, no matter what sector (public, private, independent). If your child has received a diagnosis of ADHD, ASD, gifted with a learning difficulty (called twice exceptional), or gifted, there are many options available to assist your child in their learning.

The READ Clinic’s educational support consultant, Kim Bullock, provides assessment, advocacy guidance and counselling based on current evidence-based research on neuro-diversity and learning, and extensive knowledge of the education system. Kim will help you understand the options that are available to support your child’s learning and wellbeing needs.

Educational support services

Central Coast Educational Consultant

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