Kim Bullock

Educational Consultant

Kim guides her clients and their families through the education system to optimise outcomes.

Kim is an educator who has been teaching children with high intellectual potential for the past 8 years. Kim’s work includes both classroom teaching and the weekend enrichment program, MindQuest in Sydney, for gifted and talented children where she teaches Egyptology. Through MindQuest, Kim came to realise that in addition to enriching the learning of children with high intellectual potential, the need to support the families of her students was equally as important, when the line of parents wanting advice at the end of the weekend, snaked around the block.

Kim has drawn on current research and her own case studies to develop a distinctive and proprietary diagnostic tool that identifies high intellectual potential and provides awareness, advice and practical strategies to support the child and the family. Kim has created a High Intellectual Potential/Gifted Education teacher professional development module, which she presents in schools around NSW.

• Assessment of high intellectual potential • Educational advocacy • Perfectionism • Underachievement • OC and selective high school preparation.

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By the end of the session, Kim answered all our questions and provided answers to questions we had not yet even thought of. The feelings of confusion had turned to hope, excitement and empowerment. We had a good understanding of what to do next, and there was a clear path to reach our goals.

Because of our session with Kim we now know exactly how to communicate with our school to get the most out of our child’s educational needs as well as what we can do at home to further help our child develop into the best version of themselves.

Father of child, aged 9

Kim’s Qualifications & Experience

Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education

Masters of Gifted Education (due for completion April 2023)

Gifted Coordinator

Presenter UNSW Gifted Enrichment Program

Presenter MindQuest Gifted Enrichment Program

Presenter NSW Department of Education Staff Professional Development Sessions

Client Group
Masters in Gifted Education (due for completion April 2023)
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