Clinical Supervision

Many of the psychologists working at The READ Clinic offer clinical supervision sessions in-person and online.

Please email to enquire about clinical supervision with any of the practitioners listed below.

Andrew Sozomenou

Board-approved Supervisor

For over a decade I have been a Board Approved Supervisor for provisional and registered psychologists. I am a psychologist who enjoys and looks forward to providing supervision.

I am a trauma-informed supervisor who works through an attachment lens. The therapeutic modalities that have most influenced my work with clients are: EMDR, Parts Work, CBT and Schema frameworks. The supervision I offer differs depending on your clinical experience and needs. With experienced psychologists I am keen to create a space that allows for reflection, an exploration of – counter transference, the impacts of the clinician’s past, the impacts of secondary/vicarious trauma and to assist experienced psychologists to refine their clinical acumen. With Provisional and early career psychologists I offer a space to build evidence based clinical skills related to: assessment, formulation, treatment planning and treatment delivery, while encouraging the same reflective practices and skills as I do with more experienced psychologists.

I have extensive experience working across the age groups from birth to 60 years of age. I have published a number of books and book chapters and presented at numerous conferences. I am able to provide supervision on a broad range of childhood and adult related disorders, but have a special interest in more challenging presentations, such as: Functional Neurological Disorder; Dissociative Identity Disorder; Complex PTSD; and Personality Disorders.

Heather Irvine-Rundle

Board-approved Supervisor

I’m a Board Approved Clinical Supervisor for provisional psychologists in either the 4+2 or 5+1 pathways as well as those undertaking their Masters of Clinical Psychology program. My commitment to education and training of psychologists has led me to be appointed an Adjunct Professor of Practice at the University of Newcastle and an Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University.  I have also supported students through their clinical programs when I worked in various locations through the UK.

My supervision style is influenced by attachment theory, along with Internal Family Systems (IFS) and EMDR.  CBT remains a cornerstone to my practice and I believe it is imperative to maintain connections with evidence-based interventions within a best-practice framework.

I have extensive experience working across the lifespan, and I continue to provide training to Early Childcare Educators as well as Primary and High school educators  on understanding attachment and trauma in education settings. I also work with the Police Department, and have published books on understanding and supporting women in the postnatal period. I am able to supervise students with both high prevalence disorders (Major Depression and Anxiety) along with more complex presentations such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Complex/Developmental PTSD and Functional Neurological Disorders.

Nathan Beehag

Board-approved Supervisor

Dr Nathan Beehag, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist and Director at the READ Clinic. Nathan is passionate about treating people who have experienced trauma, particularly those who have experienced trauma during childhood, including trauma that occurs within relationships. Nathan works with people across the lifespan.

Nathan has over 15 years of experience in clinical settings using evidence based treatments with children, adolescents and adults experiencing mild to severe psychological difficulties. He predominately uses EMDR, TF-CBT, and Internal Family Systems Therapy, and has a passion for supervising psychologists. Nathan’s early career was in Out-of-Home Care and the disability sector, where people had experienced complex trauma. During this time he established and managed a NSW state-wide clinical team in the disability and child welfare sector and implemented trauma-informed care practices across the service. Nathan has recently completed his PhD and has presented his PhD findings on Trauma-Informed Care internationally and at the International Childhood Trauma Conference in Melbourne 2022. Nathan also worked as a casual psychology lecturer at Avondale University since 2017 and at Charles Sturt University.

Nathan offers supervision in person and via telehealth across Australia.

Dr Thomas Janovsky

Board-approved Supervisor

I am a Board Approved Supervisor for provisional and registered psychologists. I have over 7 years experience as a psychologist working with people across the lifespan. I also acted as the unit coordinator for the fifth year child and adolescent psychology unit and have tutored in a range of other post-graduate professional and clinical psychology units at the University of New England.

I have a strong basis in Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which is the primary modality I use in my practice. However, I also frequently engage family-based interventions for children and adolescents and use Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills. My special interest area is working with children and families, particularly for behavioural issues, anxiety disorders and trauma.

I am interested in training psychologists because I understanding how daunting the first few years in the field can be. Particularly with respect to juggling workload, making time to develop your skills, dealing with complex ethical issues, skills gaps and feeling like an imposter. I also understand that your foundations as an early career psychologist often begin with CBT despite it often being an easily learned, difficult to master therapy. I hope that my strong grounding in CBT provides my supervisees and I with a common starting point so that I can support you to hone and master those skills across a range of complex case presentations. My doctoral training adds a passion for evidence-based practice into my psychological work and understanding for how research and psychology come together to inform practice. I also enjoy the process of teasing apart complex case presentations with a variety of different assessment tools to build a strong case formulation.

Kerri Fort

EMDR Consultant & Supervisor

Kerri is an experienced senior registered psychologist who is passionate about EMDR and the transformative life changing impact it has on clients.

As an EMDR Consultant, Kerri’s goal is to empower therapists in developing their skills and confidence in EMDR and joining her in her passion for working in this modality.

Kerri also provides EMDR supervision for psychologists as part of their continuing professional development for 10 of the 30 hours requirement. There is a focus on case presentation, complex cases, reflection on interpersonal and interpersonal dynamics, ethical issues and treatment modalities.

To enquire about EMDR Consultation or Supervision with Kerri, please visit Kerri’s website –

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