Comprehensive NDIS Assessments for Adults

If you require a comprehensive assessment for NDIS assessment, review or appeal, Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr Heidi Zeeman is here to help.

Comprehensive NDIS Assessments for Adults & Adolescents (aged 16+)

Comprehensive NDIS Assessments for adults and adolescents (aged 16+) are completed by Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist, Dr Heidi Zeeman at the READ Clinic Erina.

The NDIS assessment includes up to 4 .5 hours of assessment and a comprehensive report which is provided to you and your plan manager for use in supporting your application or review. We can also do the assessment over two shorter sessions if that works better for you.  

Neuropsychological assessment will involve cognitive, emotional and psychosocial face-to-face assessment using standardised pen-and-paper psychometric measures, questionnaires and clinical interview. There are no invasive tests or medical procedures involved. A significant other and/or trusted support person will usually be asked to provide further information to assist with recommendations, but you will choose who that will be. They can accompany you to the assessment.  

At the end of the assessment, your unique cognitive strengths and functional needs will be determined in addition to identifying useful cognitive and behaviour strategies to assist you with achieving your NDIS goals.  
We look forward to assisting you! 
Please note completing the NDIS assessment does not guarantee NDIS funding.

Booking an Adult NDIS Assessment

To enquire about booking an assessment, please complete our assessments enquiry form and one of our friendly Client Care Team will give you a call. Alternatively you are welcome to call us on (02) 4363 6600 for more information about assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually your plan manager will arrange for you to undertake an assessment.

Fees for this service are set in accordance with APS National Schedule of Recommended Fees 2023-2024. Please call us on 4363 6600 or email for more information.

Central Coast Adult NDIS Assessments Team

To enquire about comprehensive NDIS assessments for adults, please call us on 4363 6600.

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