Reasons to choose a Provisional Psychologist for therapy or assessments

Our Provisional Psychologists all have a passion for providing quality evidence-based therapy and assessments, under the supervision of senior psychologists.

The READ Clinic is proud to be the clinic of choice for psychologists at all stages of their careers. We are really excited to have a great team of Provisional Psychologists employed here at our Erina and West Gosford clinics (Beverly, Bella & Georgiana), and we will be welcoming additional Provisional Psychologists in July & August 2024 (Sarah, Rebekah, Nadine and Fiona).

All our Provisional Psychologists are passionate about providing quality, evidence-based therapy to their clients, and they are excited to be able to help meet the high demand for psychological services for children, adolescents and adults here on the Central Coast.

What is a Provisional Psychologist?

But first, what is a Provisional Psychologist? Provisional Psychologists are in the final stages of their long journey to becoming registered psychologists, having completed a minimum of five years of training.

All Provisional Psychologists here at the READ Clinic are under the supervision of senior psychologists, including the three READ Clinic directors, Heather, Andrew and Nathan. Our Provisional Psychologists all have a passion for providing quality evidence-based therapy and assessments, and they are working on the fine-tuning of their skills and knowledge.

The top 4 reasons why a provisional psychologist might be the right choice for you or your child

Passionate and Enthusiastic

All our Provisional Psychologists are passionate about learning, understanding and applying the most up-to date theories, techniques and interventions. Many of our Provisional Psychologists also have lived experience in addition to their educational qualifications.

They (and you!) also benefit from the extensive experience of senior psychologists who are their supervisors and mentors. You might say it’s the best of both worlds: combining the Provisional Psychologist’s passion and enthusiasm with the knowledge and experience of senior psychologists.

In addition, our Provisional Psychologists don’t see as many clients each day as the registered psychologists at the READ Clinic. This gives them more time to plan sessions and your therapy journey, to review completed sessions and research new ideas.

Ease of Access

Currently our Provisional Psychologists have short waiting times, so you can get in to see someone within a week or so, rather than waiting months.

As there is no Medicare rebate for Provisional Psychologists, you don’t need a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP in order to see a Provisional Psychologist. This also helps you access the help you are seeking sooner than if you have to wait for an appointment with your GP.

Lower Cost for Therapy & Assessments

Since sessions with a Provisional Psychologist aren’t eligible for Medicare or Private Health Insurance rebates, they start from just $120 per 50-minute session. This is less than the gap for a registered or clinical psychologist providing services under a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Our Provisional Psychologists are also trained in administering child ADHD assessments, providing a lower cost alternative to a registered psychologist. All results and reports are reviewed by senior psychologists, so you can be assured that the assessment has been completed thoroughly and accurately.

Provisional Psychologists can provide sessions for clients with NDIS funding.

Clinician experience doesn’t always indicate better client outcomes

There is a lot of data to indicate that one of the best predicators of good outcomes in therapy is the relationship between the psychologist and the client. This means that it is really important that you are comfortable with your therapist, that you agree on the goals of your work together and that you are able to provide them feedback and have discussions about whether your work together is helping you. Evidence suggests that these relationship factors can be more important than the years of experience of the therapist.

To enquire about making an appointment with a Provisional Psychologist, please complete our New Client Enquiry form, or call us on (02) 4363 6600.

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