Fiona O’Connor

Therapy with Fiona I have a deep interest in understanding and helping clients manage a range of presenting mental health symptoms and concerns. I emphasise a collaborative approach with my clients, using evidence-based practice to support them with a unique, personalised approach. I prioritise creating a safe and inviting space for my clients and greatly … Read more

Dr Sarah Parker

Therapy with Sarah I work in collaboration with you to help you feel more empowered to make the changes that you want. Because I am aware that everyone is unique, I take time to understand you as an individual, so that the work we do fits with who you are. I appreciate how difficult it … Read more

Melissa Kostrin

Therapy with Melissa I am a registered psychologist with extensive experience working with young people for both assessment and intervention of a variety of presentations including, but not limited to, learning difficulties, behavioural and developmental concerns, anxiety and depressive symptoms. I am passionate about creating a safe and affirming therapeutic environment that is person-centered and … Read more

James Woodhouse

Therapy with James My priority in working with people is to demonstrate warmth, authenticity and a focus on the client. My philosophy and commitment is to treat clients as equals, as fellow human beings, recognising each person is the expert of their own experience. My passion is to help each individual move towards and maximise … Read more

Dr Heidi Zeeman

About Assessments with Heidi I am an evidence-based, trauma-informed clinician specialising in Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment for teenagers, young adults and adults. Neuropsychology is an advanced field of psychology that aims to identify and understand the impact of brain disorder and diversity on thinking and behaviour. Neuropsychological Assessment is a non-invasive evaluation of cognitive and behavioural … Read more

Doug Angus

Therapy with Doug My main therapeutic orientation, when working with adults, draws heavily on schema therapy, which focuses on a strong clinician-client relationship to uncover core emotional needs. This allows clients to both understand and address patterns of behaviour that are keeping them stuck. This style of therapy fosters a strong sense of self-compassion while … Read more

Rani Goodacre

Therapy with Rani I see my role as a psychologist to be a guide, dedicated to supporting and empowering people on their journey to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and compassion. I work from a holistic, trauma informed perspective and believe that achieving balance and well-being involves working with the mind, body, environment, relationships, and … Read more

Georgiana Sullivan

Therapy with Georgiana I am passionate about helping people to flourish across their lifespan and to make a genuine difference in people’s lives. I specialise in children, adolescents and adults who present with a range of diagnoses including anxiety and depression. I have a particular interest in child development and secure attachment, and in later … Read more

Tess Philip

Therapy with Tess I believe it is a great privilege to be able to hold a safe space for someone, to hear their story, and really listen so they may feel heard and valued. I am deeply passionate about supporting individuals along their journey, as they work toward achieving their goals. My therapeutic style can … Read more

Matthew Cologon

Therapy with Matthew As your privacy and comfort are of utmost importance, you can expect a safe space where you can openly discuss your experiences. Every person is unique, and so is their journey. I tailor therapy to meet your specific needs and goals, using evidence-based practices, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and … Read more

Karen Lograsso

Therapy with Karen As a registered psychologist with extensive experience in mental health, I am dedicated to helping my clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. I have worked with individuals with a wide range of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and more. My approach to therapy is collaborative … Read more

Richard Otoba

Therapy with Richard My clients can expect a supportive and professional environment aimed at promoting their well-being and personal growth. My therapeutic style is based on a safe and non-judgmental space that allows clients to open up and explore their thoughts and feelings freely based on collaboratively establishing clear and achievable goals for therapy which … Read more

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