Samuel Hunter

Samuel graduated from the Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours, first class) in 2015. He worked within the community mental health setting for 12 months before completing his Masters of Clinical Psychology in 2017. He began his Clinical Psychology Registrar program in 2018, which was completed in early 2020. Samuel believes the relationship … Read more

Nereda Murray

Therapy with Nereda I work collaboratively with clients to support their personal growth, self-awareness, adaptive function and reduced distress. I work with children, adolescents and adults seeking support for exposure to trauma, suicidal ideation, affective and mood disorders, anxiety-related disorders, and behavioural and family system challenges. My client-centred approach puts emphasis on developing a strong … Read more

Dr Nathan Beehag

I have a passion for working with people of all ages across the lifespan. Depending on the age of the person, my approach changes.  With children, my goal is to be playful and understand the function of their behaviour, unhelpful beliefs, past traumas, family system imbalances, understand any medical or psychological conditions, and work with … Read more

Narissa Fry

Narissa is a Registered Psychologist. Narissa commenced working at The READ Clinic in 2020 as a Provisional Psychologist in her final year after completing her Master of Professional Psychology at the University of Newcastle. Narissa has training experience and a background in emotional and behavioural regulation, toileting issues, and social skills and play development in … Read more

Leanne Barry

Leanne is a Provisional Psychologist who has recently commenced her placement at The READ Clinic while she completes her Master of Professional Psychology at Macquarie University. Leanne has 10+ years experience working therapeutically with people across the lifespan and with various complex needs. Leanne completed her Bachelor of Psychology and Honours Degree at Deakin University … Read more

Kristen Donaghey

Therapy with Kristen I hope to empower individuals to discover their own strengths, passions and goals by realising their own purpose and drive. I am passionate about providing support to adolescent and adult individuals, especially women in the perinatal and postnatal areas of mental health and parenting. I believe creating awareness about holistic mental health … Read more

Kristy Johns

Therapy with Kristy I am a holistic client centred therapist with a strong focus on compassion, connection and helping individuals be their best selves. My therapeutic style can be described as client centred and collaborative with a focus on building a strong rapport and working with my clients towards achieving their individual. goals. I use … Read more

Dr Kylie McIntyre

Therapy with Kylie I aim to work with individuals to help them develop lifelong skills and strategies that can be used to empower and enrich their current experiences and future life journey. I specialise in adolescents and adults who present with a range of diagnoses including anxiety and depression. I have a special interest in … Read more

Kerri Fort

Therapy with Kerri Kerri is passionate about empowering her clients to work through their present struggles and recover from their past with the focus being on enhancing their sense of wellbeing and quality of life. Kerri has a holistic, collaborative warm and compassionate approach when working with clients. Kerri works with each individual client to … Read more

Heather Irvine-Rundle

Therapy with Heather I believe that where there is life there is hope, and that no matter where a person is when we start working together that through highs and lows, and sometimes sheer grit and determination, we will be somewhere better by the time we have finished working together. Therapy with me, I hope, … Read more

Ellie Hipwell

Ellie is a Registered Psychologist. Ellie has several years experience providing intervention across a variety of settings including NDIS, private practice and inpatient facilities. Ellie understands the importance of a strong therapeutic alliance and takes a person-centred approach, drawing on CBT and ACT modalities. Ellie has experience working across the lifespan with differing presentations, and … Read more

Brendan Tisdell

Therapy with Brendan I believe that therapy is about empowering individuals and families to be authentically and passionately themselves. When working with me, you can expect an empathetic therapist that listens and works with you to understand your challenges, and that works collaboratively to find pathways to growth, healing, and empowerment. Respect, curiosity, and a … Read more

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