Behaviour Modification Guide for Parents

Like most parents, there are probably areas of your child’s behaviour you would like to change. Let’s look at the four main ways to do this. Behaviour Modification Methods Positive reinforcement – This technique consistently rewards good behaviour with specific praise, high fives or fist bumps, and letting the child earn things, such as a … Read more

How to Manage Screen Time

Studies have shown that excessive screen time can cause negative effects on children’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Setting appropriate screen time limits for your children is challenging, but crucial. Here are some strategies recommended by psychologists to set appropriate screen time limits for children.

The Gift of TIME

“Children spell love as: T-I-M-E” is a famous quote by Dr Anthony P Witham. Time is a concrete, measurable expression of love. When parents give their child the gift of time they are saying “I love you”; “I value you”; and “You are the most important person to me in the world”. During these Christmas … Read more

Dr. John Irvine – Helping young worriers

Dr John Irvine New Release Dr John Irvine’s most recent book-“Helping Young Worriers Beat the Worry Bug” is finally here! A Parents Handbook for the Worry Woos Series by Andi Green- this book offers practical and fun -filled ideas and activities to help you and your child navigate through the difficult area of anxiety.

Rewards & Consequences

Parents will often come to counselling and say that “consequences just don’t work”, that their child “doesn’t care” when they lose privileges. That they have tried everything to get their child to: do their homework; clean their room; stop fighting or hitting; or to stop arguing etc. Rewards and consequences programs can be a part … Read more

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