Helping Children Cope after Tragic Events

Distressing events like tragic events in your local area or affecting friends and family, or even disasters that happen far away, but are covered by the media, can cause significant upset and can affect daily life.

As an adult, you may experience a range of emotions, from sadness, to anger, to overwhelm and perhaps numbness. As a parent, teacher or carer, you may also need to have conversations about the events with young people which can be challenging, and even more challenging when you are struggling yourself.

The Australian Psychological Society has put together a helpful guide, “Tips for talking with and helping children and young people cope after tragic events”, which you can download here. This guide is full of sensible suggestions that can help you navigate these difficult situations.

If you or your child is affected by a tragic event, we encourage you to reach out and seek an appointment with a psychologist, or to make an additional appointment with your regular psychologist.

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