Tom Ford

Senior Clinical Psychologist

We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails

Therapy with Tom

I believe strongly in a client-centred approach and creating space for open and honest discussions that lead to positive change and growth.

I believe strongly in the value of a comprehensive assessment of past and present life moments in order to get the best solutions to your current problems. While life can often be complicated and confusing, our aim is to find a straightforward explanation for why things are the way they are, and how we could seek to improve your life and well being. One goal from early sessions is to have clients feeling as though we both understand the reasons for their distress, and to have validation for the difficulties that they face.

My therapeutic style is collaborative, and we might both brainstorm a range of treatment options and solutions before agreeing on the best approach. We would also openly discuss how many sessions this might require, and how long it would take. Realistic expectations are essential when trying to improve our mental health. Therapy might include a range of exercises and strategies during sessions, as well as learning techniques to be applied outside of sessions. Furthermore, I am a strong advocate for setting goals to be completed in your own time that might gradually build skills and promote your sense of confidence and ability to cope.

During this time you could expect me to be supportive and encouraging of your progress; as well as someone who could assist you if things were not going as planned. I am very curious about exploring why some techniques may work well, and others may not. I have a flexible approach, and am open to making changes and adaptations to our approach if necessary. The most important thing is that each individual requires an individualised approach, and our therapy sessions honour that.

Tom’s Qualifications & Experience

I completed my qualifications in 2019 in New Zealand, having obtained a Bachelor of Science (Honours), Master of Science, and Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology. I have over eight years of experience working in the mental health field. As a Clinical Psychologist, I have practiced in a forensic setting, a neurological rehabilitation setting, and lastly in private practice on the Central Coast for the past three years.

Registered practitioners at The READ Clinic are independent contractors who engage The READ Clinic to provide administrative support. All decisions regarding client treatment and care are the responsibility of the individual practitioners.
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Conflict Resolution
Schema Therapy
Master of Science, Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology
Adjustment Disorders
Adult Learning Disability
Alcohol / Drug
Anger Management
Autism & ASD
Behaviour Management
Bipolar disorder
Childhood Trauma
Chronic Illness / Health Issues
Domestic Violence
Eating Disorders
Gender Identity
Grief & Loss
Hearing Voices
Learning Difficulties
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder OCD
Pain Management
Panic Attacks
Personality Disorders
Post-Natal Depression
Relationship Breakdown
Self Harm
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Dysfunction
Sleep Disorders
Stress Management
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Suicidal Feelings
Trauma & PTSD
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