Dr Heidi Zeeman

Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist

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About Assessments with Heidi

I am an evidence-based, trauma-informed clinician specialising in Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment for teenagers, young adults and adults.

Neuropsychology is an advanced field of psychology that aims to identify and understand the impact of brain disorder and diversity on thinking and behaviour. Neuropsychological Assessment is a non-invasive evaluation of cognitive and behavioural functioning using pen and paper tests, computer-based tests, puzzles and questionnaires. The purpose of this type of assessment is to identify your cognitive strengths and weaknesses and to provide diagnostic explanation for brain and behaviour change following injury, illness or development. You or your child may be experiencing problems with everyday memory, attention and concentration, intellectual or learning difficulty, unusual sensory symptoms, mental health symptoms, language and communication or literacy problems. Neuropsychological screening and assessment can help to provide some insight into these experiences and identify suitable interventions and/or treatments. Sometimes, additional assessment by Psychiatry and Neurology is required. Assessment may also involve questionnaires and interviews with family members, teachers and carers.

Assessments are tailored to your individual needs, taking into account your unique psychological abilities, and may occur over one or more sessions if required. Duration of assessment varies though will typically require between two to five hours at the READ Clinic. Clients are encouraged to plan for their neuropsychology appointment by ensuring they have had adequate rest, nutrition and usual medication prior to their assessment. Breaks are provided throughout the assessment as required.

Please note Heidi does not accept online bookings – for further information please contact our Client Care Team on (02) 4363 6600 or email assessments@thereadclinic.com.

Heidi’s Qualifications & Experience

Dr Zeeman is a board certified, endorsed Clinical Neuropsychologist. Registered as a psychologist in 2002, she has worked in the fields of Neuropsychology and Disability for over 20 years, specialising in acquired brain injury (traumatic brain injury, concussion, stroke, hypoxia), behavioural disorders, ADHD/ASD, disability, dementia and adjustment to injury. She also works in the field of forensic neuropsychology.

At the READ Clinic, Dr Zeeman works with individuals and service providers to identify areas of cognitive strength and weakness, adaptive and functional capacity, change in cognitive function, and impact of brain trauma and mental health disorders on cognitive function. Dr Zeeman also provides diagnostic reports for the purpose of NDIS, WorkCover and DVA assessment and review. She offers psychoeducation to individuals, families, carers, support workers and teachers/employers to better understand the impact of brain dysfunction or neurodiversity on daily function in addition to session-limited adjustment to injury counselling.

Dr Zeeman is also an experienced researcher. Prior to moving to the Central Coast from Queensland in 2023, she held the position of Professor within the Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University where she worked with individuals and families with disability and brain trauma. A Fulbright Fellowship and Churchill Fellowship saw her travel to the USA, UK and New Zealand to better understand rehabilitation pathways following neurotrauma. She also maintains a private psychology practice in Brisbane. Dr Zeeman has amassed over 100 research outputs including numerous peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, edited book (Health and Healing after Traumatic Brain Injury, 2013: Bloomsbury USA) and multiple research reports on the effectiveness of community service delivery.

Registered practitioners at The READ Clinic are independent practitioners who engage The READ Clinic to provide administrative support. All decisions regarding client treatment and care are the responsibility of the individual practitioners.


Heidi is at READ Clinic Erina only.

READ Clinic Erina
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WorkCover & Insurance
17 642 773 760
Doctor of Philosophy (Neurorehabilitation), Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology, B.Psych(HONS), B.BehSc. MAPS. FCCN.
Adult Learning Disability
Autism & ASD
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Learning Difficulties
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