Our History

The READ Clinic is the oldest and largest psychology practice on the Central Coast, and is home to over 20 practitioners dedicated to providing high quality, evidence-based psychology services.


Over 40 years ago two brothers had a dream. Child Psychologist Dr. John Irvine and Clinical Neuropsychologist Warwick Irvine envisaged a clinic that would offer professional psychological services in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

On the platform of their three guiding principles:  Commitment to the community, working honourably and pursuing clinical excellence, they created The READ Clinic. It was to become an industry leader and one of the largest private psychology clinics in Australia.

When John and Warwick decided to change their work/life balance, experienced and dedicated psychologists – Andrew Sozomenou, Heather Irvine-Rundle and Nathan Beehag – assumed the positions of co-owners and directors of The READ Clinic.

Today with a team of over 30 people, The READ Clinic remains the oldest and largest private psychology clinic on the Central Coast of NSW, but we maintain our welcoming and friendly approach.

The practitioners who choose to base their practices at The READ Clinic provide a diverse range of evidence-based interventions, programs and therapies. All services are provided in the same original spirit and commitment that Dr. John Irvine and Warwick Irvine began. It remains our vision (to all people regardless of age, stage of psychological needs) that the READ Clinic provides a home for practitioners providing the best level of therapeutic intervention.

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