Early Childhood Educators Training

Heather Irvine-Rundle, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Director at The READ Clinic, is passionate about early childhood education. Heather offers Professional Development Training workshops for early childhood education centres.

Workshops for Early Childhood Educators on the Central Coast

Heather Irvine-Rundle is now taking bookings for professional development training for early childhood educators in 2024. Heather’s sessions are informative and enjoyable, with her signature style of breaking down complex concepts into practical and effective strategies.

All sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of your educators, and range from:

  • understanding and supporting children with trauma histories;
  • how to handle children who are distressed;
  • building healthy relationships with children, parents and the childcare team (including people who can be “tricky”);
  • dealing with your own backgrounds and experiences to be the best you can be for the children in your care;
  • understanding and supporting children with mental health diagnoses including anxiety, depression, PTSD and behavioural disorders.

Parent information sessions are also available.

Heather is available for training sessions in the evenings, or on Saturday mornings. Sessions range from 1.5 hours to full day sessions.

If you are interested in booking a professional development training or parent information session with Heather, please contact Kirsten Deverson, Business Manager, via email kirsten@thereadclinic.com and we can be sure to tailor the training to exactly what your organisation needs.

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