Dr Rebecca Guest

Therapy with Rebecca I hold the comforting belief that life is beautifully wonderous gifted to us by chance; a gift that every human or animal deserves to enjoy and thrive through. A nurturing environment, along with healthy levels of hope, resilience, and a belief in ourselves are certainly helpful ingredients, however, I also recognise life … Read more

Prof. Ashley Craig

Therapy with Dr Ashley Craig I help individuals to grow through their life challenges and injuries with the aim of strengthening their adjustment and resilience. I use a range of psychological therapies to assist my clients to grow and deal with the stresses and strains of life. I specialise in psychological distress associated with traumatic … Read more

Andrew Sozomenou

Therapy with Andrew I come from a place of seeing you as a unique individual who has been shaped by your past experiences, your environment, family, the way you see the world and your present circumstances. I will work towards creating a safe therapeutic environment in which we can explore and understand each of these … Read more

Tom Ford

Therapy with Tom I believe strongly in a client-centred approach and creating space for open and honest discussions that lead to positive change and growth. I believe strongly in the value of a comprehensive assessment of past and present life moments in order to get the best solutions to your current problems. While life can … Read more

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